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Meet the Characters of "The Wolf's Name": Isaac

Hey readers! Olive doesn't have a lot to say about the person we're introducing today. What she does have to say leaves me with a lot of questions. I bet there must be more to uncover about him somewhere in her journal.

June 21st, 1890

I never met Isaac and know only what Matilda has told me of her dreadful encounters with him and his men. Though her stories seem far-fetched even knowing the mysteries I know, having seen the dark marvels I’ve seen, she isn’t one to tell tall tales like Elliot. I can only believe her stories of beastly men and beastlier motives, but I don’t want to think too deeply about them or Isaac. I don’t want my nightmares to return.

Yet those times I do think of him, I pity him.

Matilda says I could pity a rabid dog while it bit me. She’s probably right. Perhaps I shouldn’t feel sorry for a man who made such cruel decisions without a care for how it might hurt those already hurting, but I’d rather feel sorry for Isaac than let the same fear and anger that fueled him spread through me.

I drew Isaac's portrait based on the description Matilda gave me, though I wasn’t sure what to make of her telling me Isaac was “more animal than man, even before he became one.” When I showed this drawing to her, she told me it was remarkably like him apart from my rendition’s too-skinny neck and his eyes lacking in enough murderous intent.

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